Susie France Counselling in Whiteley


“Very comfortable and relaxing and allowed me to be open and honest”

“The counselling was excellent in every way. Each session was handled in a very professional and highly empathic manner, tailored to meet my own goals and needs. My experience of working with Susie has been nothing but positive.”

“Thank you! Really helped to deal with things that were building up and put me on the right path to dealing with issues and nice to know that I can deal with them.”

“Being able to talk and express my feelings about my troubles and the things that are locked up inside.”

“Being able to talk openly & honestly and express my feelings & fears. Also helped me take a good long honest look at self.”

“The counselling room is comfortable and conducive to effective counselling work. Appointments are easy to obtain and to change when necessary. I always had the sense that Susie gave my needs the highest possible priority.”

“Thank you so much! Through your time and efforts you helped me through difficult times, and empowered me to keep going and work through my anxiety.”

“Helped me to identify my problems/issues and reassure me it was achievable. Gave strategies and techniques along the way”.

“Susie you are a wonderful counsellor, thankyou for making me feel so safe in all of our sessions”.

Contact Susie France

If you want to find out more about me, please visit the other parts of my website. If you would like to contact me about arranging an appointment with me in Fareham or Whiteley - or just want to talk to me to find out more about counselling and how it can help you, please either ring on 07837 772 558 or 01489 600468 or email me at